Under the wings of seraph

Producer Vadim Sotskov, conductor Alexey Vereshagin and composer Ivan Uriupin

The record of music for full-length animation film “Unusual Adventure of Seraphima” witn Sergey Antonov as director is in progress at “Mosfilm” sudio.

The animation film is shot due to the order and financial support of Russian Ministry of Culture, as well as Saint Seraphim Sarovski Charitable Foundation. Script of animation film has been written dy Tomofey Veronin. The main heroine of animation film “Seraph” escapes from orphan-asylum and finds herself in dilapidated building of ancient temple, where Seeraphim Sarovski appears before her.

“Up to now we have made a lot of animation films, but this project is undoubtedly peculiar. Scenario and figurative line are unique, -Vadim Sotskov, producer of “Kinoatis” Company. says- In spite of application of up-to-date technologies for creation of animation film “Unusual Adventure of Seraphima”, spectators should understand immediately, that it is our Russian animation film, having an effect on a broad audience. We hope that both the children and their parents will see and draw some spiritual values for themthelves”.

It is composer Ivan Uryupin, who is the author of the music for this film, following within some last years two previous full-length animation 3D-films music.

“With some experience of the work in the field of picture as well as animation films, it seems plausible for me, that it is the music for animation films that especially requires the work, taking into account at the same time the ability to respond to events of videoline, to find out general feeling of specific episode and to form film music as a whole, — composer Ivan Uryupin tells. – Making music for film “Unusual Adventure of Seraphima” took me two months, and orchestration, that I always do myself, continued about one month. Topics raised in “Unusual Adventure of Seraphima” are very important, various home cultural traditions are embraced. Main heroines of animation film are girls, taken in boarding school during the war. Every person possesses her own world, her own dreams, though as is the case of surrounding people, for example former land-owning lady. Therefore fragments of music are diversified. There are psychological drame, every-day life scenes, as wqell as fantasy of personages. Accordingly, the style of music changes from liturgy psalms to Soviet music and classic instrumental genres”.

The music is recorded at the first “Mosfilm” Studio, designed especially for large-scaled projects, equipped with modern sound-recording machines. The symphony orchestra of full-value, made of 75 men, B.Pokrovsky Chamber musical theatre’s conductor Alexey Vereshagin, as well as the sound producer Gennady Papin work in the Studio for recording of music for the film “Seraph”. “We are very pleased to have at the “Mosfilm” such a Studio and conductor’s stand, allowing to bring together all the participants of orchestra in Dolby Digital 5.1 System, only one in Russia” – composer summed up the discussion.