Gaik Kazazian plays the music, composed by Ivan Uryupin

The recording of Ivan Uriupin misic for animation film “About the Fox that could play violin”, created by producer Natalia Nilova at the “Pchela” Studio, took place at the end of January.

The part of solo violin has been performed by Gaik Kazazian, one of the most prominent young musicians of his generation, laureate and winner of many international competitions, named by: P.I.Chaikovsky (Moscow, 2002), G.Veniavsky (Poznan, 2001), Jaques Tibault and Margaret Long (Paeis, 2005). He has become the conqueror of J.Enesku competition (2011, Bukharest). He is the holder of Gold Medal and The Prize of Sympathy of spectators at tne Violinist Competition in Tongguene (South Korea, 2007)