The premiere of the film «Space dogs. Tropical Adventure»

The premiere of the film » Space dogs. Tropical Adventure»

On September 19, the large — scale premiere of the first Russian animated blockbuster after quarantine — «Belka and Strelka» — took place in the Moscow cinema Cosmos.

The film about the next incredible adventures of star dogs was presented to the audience by the general producer of the KinoAtis studio Vadim Sotskov, the director of the film Inna Evlannikova, the general director of the Caro Premier company Alexey Ryazantsev, the film composer Ivan Uryupin, screenwriters Danil Trotsenko and Artem Milovanov, the voice director Gelena Pirogova, the voice actors Diomid Vinogradov(Tarakan Tolik) and Elena Shulman (Muskrat Maria) and other members of the large team that worked on the film. The main star of both the film and the premiere was the theater and film actor Yevgeny Mironov, who voiced the rat Venya in this and in all previous parts of the film.

«I sincerely thank all the creators of this wonderful picture. I have been with my hero Venya for 10 years, and I really like how he develops over this long period — in the new part, Venya has a real love. In my opinion, there is no better and more interesting domestic animation franchise than «Belka and Strelka». You can be proud of this, » Yevgeny Mironov said from the stage.

The plot of the third part of the blockbuster franchise tells about another adventure of Squirrel and Arrow, now in Cuba. They will have to cope with the threat hanging over the Earth and test their friendship for strength.

The character of Yevgeny Mironov is given a special place in the film. In the first part, rat Veni had a cameo role, and by the third part he had evolved into one of the main characters of the picture. Venya turned out to be moderately cunning and moderately heroic. After the show, the children leaving the hall and their parents admired how charming and funny Venya was.

If in the previous two parts Belka and Strelka went to space, to new planets, then in this part the aliens themselves will come to Earth. And this time, the star dogs together with their friends will help prevent an environmental disaster.

«Our film is not only dedicated to such important things as friendship and mutual assistance, but also carries an instructive element, shows that everything in nature is interconnected, and that the balance in it does not need to be disturbed — and this, in my opinion, is one of the most relevant topics today,» Inna Evlannikova said.

In the Russian rental tape » Belka and Strelka. Caribbean Mystery » is released on September 24. The distributor of the tape is the company Karoprokat.