Ivan Uryupin: “Cinema montage and architecture are nearest the music”

The music for Vasily Serikov’s film “22 minutes”, produced by cinema companies “Sigur” and “Central Partnership” was recorded April 12 at the Tonstudio of “Mosfilm”. This music has been composed be the promising young composer Ivan Uriupin. whose talent was exploited repeatedly by “Mosfilm”.
“Real events of 2008, when Russian sea-going ship was caprured by pirates in Aden Bay, but its crew has been set free afterwards by Russian marines, form the basis for the film, which my music has been composed for.” – Ivan Uriupin told, -“Film is unique for home cinematograph, it is the first time that spectator should see modern western of high quality, looked into all the parameters.At the same time, I’m sure, that this film will be attractive for all the categories of spectators, because it holds both drama and humour, as well as qualitative performance of well-known Russian players: Victor Sukhorukov, Denis Nikiforov, Makar Zaporozhskii, Ekaterina Malikova et al.
Who was engaged for music recording this time?

Alexey Vereshagin, B.Pokrovsky Theatre conductor cooperated with us again, and our orchestra is also splendid: there exists conception of combined football team, so is the case of our orchestra – it is a combined musical team, whose participants are musicians of the best Moscow orchestras, their high level of drive and professional skills being necessary to record the music of high quality.

What else you consider indispensable to record film music of high quality?

— To my mind, first of all, the process of music creation is the experiment, when the author perceives in his own way the musical experience acquired him earlier, so the more abundant, “heart-felt”, “analysed” is such experience, the more rich is the store of composer.

It is necessary to keep in mind, that musical and verbal creative work are not the equivalent phenomena, in spite of their relationship. I suppose, where the cpnnections between the spheres of art are concerned, montage and architecture are nearer to the music, as compared to every verbal type of art”.

Full field of arts, that could be called “musical scholasticism” has been formed during the last half-century, for all this the detailed analysis of physical basis of astonishing cascade of sensible and mnemonic phenomena, that the music could provoke, goes beyond the frames of reasoning. But the music primarily influences directly on the brain by acustic waves, that’s why the future of music science is connected with human neurophysiology investigations, metabolic processes included, that I try to embrace last years.

The presentation of film “22 minutes” took place 8 May 2-14.