Premiere of the horror “The Puppeteer” in the cinema

In the late 1990s, thirteen-year-old Sonya, along with her mother and younger sister Anya, was forced to move to live in the village. She does not like such a change of scenery, relations with local children do not add up, and there is practically no entertainment. Except to climb into an abandoned house, shrouded in silly legends about an evil Puppeteer who allegedly steals children and makes puppets out of them. However, since the sisters looked into the house, something strange has been happening to the quiet, lonely Anya…

"The Puppeteer", in accordance with the genre, is a horror film, but in fact it is a story about friendship and mutual assistance. The main characters of the film are children and teenagers who will have to face a dangerous mystical creature from an abandoned house and defeat it together. The main roles were played by young actors who have already managed to be noted in major Russian projects.

The fantastic world of the film is enhanced by special effects, but the whole entourage and mysterious atmosphere were created on the basis of real dolls made of fabric and wood, complex plastic makeup, original costumes and special movements of the actors. The puppeteer was played by Nikita Elikarov, a ballet dancer from the Bolshoi Theater troupe. In order to transform into his characters, the main antagonist and the actors who played the roles of the children who were abducted and turned into dolls had to constantly spend several hours in the dressing room. Teenagers were put on special masks and wooden hands for filming, and before entering the set, the entire acting troupe underwent a long training with a choreographer.

A special place in history is also given to unusual dolls with large mirror eyes reflecting distorted reality. Decoy dolls gradually dragged children into the Puppeteer's lair, as if referring the viewer to modern gadgets and dangerous communities on the web.

In addition, the picture is the first game project launched into production by the updated team of the Production Center of the Gorky Film Studio in 2021. General producers Juliana Slashcheva, Lika Blank and Hasmik Movsisyan, creative producer Natalia Kharybina.

The main roles were played by Polina Ryashko and the young star Vita Kornienko, who managed to be noted in the films "Ice-2", "Major in Sochi", "Daddy's Daughters. New" and "Aunt Marta". Also in the film are Alexander Novikov, who previously starred in the films "Food Hall", "Goalkeeper of the Galaxy", "House Arrest", Savely Albutov, who worked in the film "Rodkom", Fedor Fedoseev, Artem Bashenin, who was noted in the projects "Family Business" and "Univer. A new dorm." The role of mom was played by Maria Mironova.

According to the general director of the Gorky Film Studio, Juliana Slashcheva, the legendary film studio, which has released wonderful fairy tales, children's and youth films, has not produced or released practically anything until recently. But when the team of the Production Center of the Gorky Film Studio was completely updated three years ago, it was the teenage "Puppeteer" that became the first feature film launched into production. Everyone went the bold way, choosing the genre of a fantastic thriller, but they are confident in the success of the picture. The production and promotion of such films is not an easy task, and the film studio copes with it.

According to general producer Lika Blank, "The Puppeteer" is a real teenage horror story in the best traditions of the genre, addressed primarily to the audience of teenagers. There is no blood and scenes of special cruelty in the film, but it frightens the viewer beautifully and qualitatively. The story is scary, but ultimately kind. The film will also be interesting for adults, because the action takes place in a post-Soviet village in the late 1990s. There are many different triggers in the picture, which are easily considered by viewers over 35 years old.