The author of the music to the first Russian 3D film presented the film «Star dogs» at the Venice film festival.

In the framework of the Venice film festival held presentation to the European public the 5 best Russian movies of the last. One of them came in the film «Star dogs. Belka and Strelka» – animated Comedy. The plot of the film – the real story starting in 1959, the Soviet Union spacecraft with dogs on Board. This flight produced the world’s first manned flight on the spacecraft, which made Yuri Gagarin 1961. The film is voiced by the stars of Russian cinema, the film was in theaters with great success and not only in Russia but also in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. In addition, this film is the first Russian film in 3D. At the Venice film festival 2013, the year this film was to present an invited composer Ivan Uryupin, who wrote for «Star dogs» is an hour and a half of symphonic music.